Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mt Kinabalu

Where: Mt. Kinabalu, Sabah
(Low's Peak 4095.2 m)

When: 12-13 Dec 2009
Who: Me and LKIM Sabah Staff

Last 12-14 of Dec, I went to Mt Kinabalu with some friends from Lembaga kemajuan Ikan Sabah (LKIM) Staff. Thanks to my big bro he has taken care of all my expenses =). Not only to visit the leg (kaki gunung) this time but to climb it. HUH! Even though this is my third time, I still find it very interesting and I am excited to go. This is some stories of my third experience and it might be good for future climber. Enjoy!

Started our journey 0930

MU Vs Chelsea.. haha (10 timers Vs 3rd timers)

The journey from Timpohon gate starts downhill... then followed by a beautiful waterfall... huh! doesnt look like a hard climb after all (dont judge a book by its cover/ dont judge Mt Kinabalu by the first 0.5 Km)

*Notice the waterfall at the back

There are six shelter (pondok).

1. Kandis shelter (1981.7 m)

2. Ubah shelter (2081.4 m)

3. Lowii Shelter (2267.4 m)

4. Mempening shelter (2515.47 m)

5. Layang-layang shelter (2702.3 m)

6.Villosa shelter (2960.8 m)

7. Paka shelter (3080.42 m)

*Above sea level

Giving food to the squirrel in
mempening shelter
?Unique way to feed d animal huh?...

My pict with some visitors from UK and Russia in Mempening shelter

First shelter, Pondok Kandis.
*take note the green tank on left side, climbers use to drink water directly from it even the water is not treated. So, no use for big water bottle.

Timpohon Gate = 0930 hours

Km 1 = 1000 Hours
*1st KM still very strong...
see the smile on the face

Km 2 = 1035 Hours
Km 3 = 1116 Hours
Km 4 = 1231 Hours

Km 5 = 1345 Hours
*5th KM very weak,
raining, wearing rain coat.

Km 6 = 1517 Hours

Timpohon - Km 1 = 33 minutes

Km 1 - Km 2 =
35 Minutes

Km 2 - Km 3 =
41 Minutes

Km 3 - Km 4 =
1 Hour 15 Minutes

Km 4 - Km 5 = 1 Hour 14 minutes
Km 5 - Km 6 = 2 Hour 32 minutes
Estimated Ive taken 5 hours and 47 minutes to climb from Timpohon gate to Gunting Lagadan

Laban Rata- One of the place we can stay for a night before continuing the climb to the top early morning the next day. they have a cafeteria here and also grocery store. of cause the the price are double or maybe tripple. just imagine nasi goreng you can simply get RM5 in KK but RM15 here.

Here is Gunting Lagadan where we stay for a night. undergoing a renovation at the moment. Soon it will have heaters in every room like what they have in Laban Rata.

I reach the summit around 0530. lights from KK City can be seen clearly up there. The temperature are around 3-4 C.

a 40+ women who walk with we all the way to the top. she think iam a mountain guide (misscom). anyway she is very thankful, later give me a bar of chocolate... forgot to ask her name...

The two web sites below might be helpful if you need more info

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sunny Hill Ice Cream

Name: Sunny Hill Ice Cream
Location: (1.5214°N, 110.3352°E ) Kuching, Third Mile
Specialist: Soft Ice Cream
Other dishes: Home made cakes, Wheatmill bread

The best soft ice cream in town... if youve never heard of it ure probably from out of town. And for people that have been staying around kuching for 4 years, not knowing it is a crime...

Located in Third Mile(next to Sunny Hill School), it has been known as specialize in serving soft ice cream for generations.

My fav. Vanilla large (tapau) with nuts and syrup. RM6.30

Front: Special RM4.30
(With Sweet corn, nuts and syrup)

unique about this ice cream station are they serve different flavour every day...

  • MON-TUE = Strawberry,
  • WED-FRI = Pandan or Corn,
  • SAT-SUN = Chocolate

Large cup(L), Regular cup(R)

Vanilla and corn...

its worthy to try it. Just dont go on friday night and saturday, its close.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chong Choon Cafe

Makan tu penting!

tau ka... walaupun sekurus mana pun kita(sensitifnya) mesti makan k
hobi sa, makan...
so, 1st post sa pasal makan...

Chong Choon Cafe

Location: (1.5568 N, 110.3554 E) Kuching
Specialist: Laksa sarawak
Other dishes: Roti bakar, mee jawa, bubur ikan

kedai kecil yang masih ada unsur2 klasik zaman pemerintahan brooke.
kalau mo pg dinasihatkan pg awal pagi (open daily 6.30-11.00).
percaya atau x, sa sndri x pernah sempat makan laksa sarawak.
sbb terlalu(I MEAN IT) TERLALU ramai org yang order.
keadaan dalam kedai penuh sesak sampai berdiri 10-15 minit baru dapat seat.
kadang2 duduk sama org yang kita x kenal...
give it a try... memang bebaloi.


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