Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sunny Hill Ice Cream

Name: Sunny Hill Ice Cream
Location: (1.5214°N, 110.3352°E ) Kuching, Third Mile
Specialist: Soft Ice Cream
Other dishes: Home made cakes, Wheatmill bread

The best soft ice cream in town... if youve never heard of it ure probably from out of town. And for people that have been staying around kuching for 4 years, not knowing it is a crime...

Located in Third Mile(next to Sunny Hill School), it has been known as specialize in serving soft ice cream for generations.

My fav. Vanilla large (tapau) with nuts and syrup. RM6.30

Front: Special RM4.30
(With Sweet corn, nuts and syrup)

unique about this ice cream station are they serve different flavour every day...

  • MON-TUE = Strawberry,
  • WED-FRI = Pandan or Corn,
  • SAT-SUN = Chocolate

Large cup(L), Regular cup(R)

Vanilla and corn...

its worthy to try it. Just dont go on friday night and saturday, its close.



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